The interesting photos of our animals are here assembled.

Our girls Etit, Elabuga and Egoza live in a cattery in Montana (USA). We thank Anna and Sergei's love for our girls.

Etit Chersi

Elabuga Chersi

Egoza Chersi

Our boy Chersi Eralash lives in Dneprpetrovske (Ukraine). He is neutered and very fond of his mistress Lily. Thank you very much for Lily's love for our boy.

Chersi Eralash (Amur)

Our boy Harch live in Atlanta, USA. We thank Sarah for their love for our boy.There is gold and silver. The photo of 8 months.

Chersi Harch

Our boy Chersi Izum live in Florida, USA. We are grateful to Marsha love for our boy.

Chersi Izum

Our silver kitten Imbir lives in a cattery near Paris, France. We are grateful to Christel love for our boy.

Chersi Imbir

Our golden boy Hottabych lives in the cattery in Germany. He is the head of a large family. We are very grateful to Wiki for the love of Hotty.

Chersi Hottabych

Our golden pussy Hot Kuda lives in a cattery in Texas, USA.

Chersi Hot Cuda

Our boy Chersi Jigan lives in Canada. I am happy that Jigan lives in a family with his love. Thank you Carrie, her children and Peter for the love of a boy.

Chersi Jigan (Taiga)

Our golden kitty Chersi Jar Ptitsa a real princess. She lives in France with his new mom Elodie. We are very grateful to Elodie and her family for their love and care for Jar Ptitsa.

Chersi Jar Ptitsa.

Our silver boy Krendel living in Germany.

Chersi Krendel.

Our sweet marble kitty Kadril living in Poland.We are grateful to Ewa love for our girl. The photo of 7 months.

Chersi Kadril.

Our Kalach living in Poland. He is the father of charming kittens and has a successful show career. We thank Mariola for love and care.

Chersi Kalach.

Our golden boy Locomotiv living in Czech Republic. His new mom Blanca is very fond of him. Loci makes the first show results. We are very happy for him.

Chersi Locomotiv.

Our silver kittens living in France. I am happy that Makovka and Martsipan lives in a family with his love. Thank you Laurent, her daughter and his family for the love of a kittens.

Chersi Martsipan.

Chersi Makovka.

Siberians brothers Chersi Nemiroff ang Chersi Noviy Svet living in Fort Mc Murray, Canada. We a happy that Andrea and James love our boy.